"An excellent business and personal coach."
Managing Director

"An outstanding coach. Glenn really helped me to understand my strengths. He really brought out the best in me."
Senior Digital Marketeer

"Great counsel and candid support. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."
Head of Corporate Communications

"The Trading Edge Co. achieved excellent results via a highly motivational and well structured approach. I left each meeting in a most positive state of mind and a clear understanding of best actions and priorities. With this support, I achieved a great result in a career move and I am still doing well in this position."
VP, Insurance

"The Trading Edge Co. coaching was very useful to me at a time when I was struggling to understand what form I wanted my future career to take. I enjoyed our sessions and can thoroughly recommend them."
Management Consultant

"The Trading Edge Co. provided me with an insightful and extremely positive career coach who has given me an uncanny ability to identify how to make the most out of every opportunity. I have hugely benefited and enjoyed the experience."
Development Director

"An invaluable source of guidance and advice in my transition from employment to self-employment."
Investment Manager

Glenn makes a lasting impact on those he works with and his style is clearly tempered to ensure the best result for the client. Someone who I would always recommend as a business coach and mentor."
Head of Sales

"A great coach with a keen instinct for understanding people’s development areas and providing them the tools and guidance needed. It was a pleasure working with him."
General Manager