Our people

Alastair Kidd

Alastair coaches executives and teams, is a group facilitator, and works with organisational leaders with significant change or transformation agendas. With over 10 years’ executive and leadership coaching experience, Alastair coaches from a position of curiosity, often becoming an inspiration and catalyst. Benefits from working with Alastair are long lasting, reflecting the deep connection at the heart of his work.

Previously he spent over 25 years in a variety of technical and leadership roles, globally and in the UK, where he was recognised for his outstanding planning and execution skills, ability to build businesses, produce results and transformational change at strategic and operational levels. He is a fully accredited executive coach with over 4,500 hours coaching experience, and is trained in a variety of coaching models, facilitation techniques, systemic interventions, organisation and relationship coaching, psychological and behaviour models, leadership and change approaches.