About us

The Trading Edge Co was founded in 1996 as a Management Consultancy helping organisations significantly improve their business performance. In that time we have generated outstanding results for major global organisations such as Coca Cola, Danone, Ryvita, Twinings, Paramount, EMI Records and many others including charities, public sector and educational organisations.

Over that time, our service has evolved from simply consulting for large organisations to focussing on senior individuals themselves within businesses to identify and cultivate hidden potential and drive superior performance.

We now successfully coach people across all business sectors including Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Construction, IT/Technology, Media, Energy , Education and Charity.

In addition, from time to time we also help young people to get their first rung on the Career ladder, as well as individuals facing retirement , and we also successfully work with women wanting to get back into business after career breaks.